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I was born in Montreal, Canada, and my father, being a tennis fanatic, raised me to become a professional tennis player. This led me to leave Canada at eight years old to live and practice in France and the United States. As a junior, I travelled the world to play tournaments and ended up first in Canada and top hundred in the world in the juniors' ranking. I went on to reach a career-high professional ranking of tenth in Canada and a thousandth in the world in the ATP ranking. After that I put tennis behind me and went on to pursue a master's degree in international and sustainable development.

As part of the master's, I did an internship at the United Nations in New York (where I met the greatest numpty of all times - my other half), and went on to work in various environmental charities and governmental organisations in London. I am also a trained proofreader, which comes in handy in the writing world. I now write and renovate my farmhouse on a full time basis.

I started writing in French during my teenage years and produced a handful of fantasy and science fiction manuscripts of poor quality, but it was good practice at worldbuilding.

Even though I've been speaking English since my childhood, I fell in love with the English language in a literary sense in my twenties. I once read that Yann Martel (Life of Pi) expresses himself best in English as it gives him sufficient distance to write - as opposed to French, his first language. It resonated with me because English words don't come quite as naturally to me as they do in French and as a result I focus on every word to make sure it is the right one. In my opinion, the English language has a pragmatism and simplicity the French language lacks, and though they're two great languages, English is the one I chose to express myself.

I am fascinated with history and especially the ancient and medieval periods. I've published short stories set in the Roman Republic and the fantasy stories I write are greatly inspired by the middle ages.

I currently live in an old farmhouse in Wales with my partner Cate and ten very naughty chickens.
Take a look at Omelette, my alpha male cockerel. The Patriarch of the family. Also known as "The Ball of Feathers".