Firestone got published!


Link: The Scarlet Leaf Review
My first fantasy short story was published on 15 April in The Scarlet Leaf Review! This is relatively important for me as I call myself a fantasy writer, but without any published work to show for it, I wasn't entirely credible. Saying I'm currently working on a fantasy novel just isn't enough.

So now I am a published fantasy writer. The Scarlet Leaf Review is an online literary magazine based in Toronto, Canada. It used to be a token market but has recently switched to non-paying market, rewarding only the most popular story of the month. I'm still striving to get my first publication in a pro or semi-pro market, but small publications are a great way to start! The journey will be long, but I'm loving every step of the way :-)

Firestone is set in the Fantasy world I am creating for my work in progress. The main character, Alena, will be one of my novel's main characters. Her storyline will be somewhat similar to the short story, but I had to seriously alter some elements to make it into a short story. I love medieval fantasy and I write what I would love to read. I hope you like it too!