Manuscript finished - Beta readers needed

My epic medieval fantasy novel is complete at 135,000 words! Its title is "Flakes of Fire". It took me about nine months to write it, so you could say that in a way, it's my baby. (sorry, bad joke)

I'm now looking for beta readers to tell me all that is bad with my story, so we can try to make it better. 

In our day and age, an unpublished writer looking for beta readers is like hoping Trump's next announcement will be humane and respect the rule of law - almost impossible. Although a friend of mine has very kindly accepted to beta read for me, so it's not all that impossible. But at the moment, getting about five of them does seem like searching for the Holy Grail.

If you happen to want to share your invaluable insight on a free epic fantasy read, or if you know someone who might want to, please give me a shout! You can either share this post on your social media with the buttons below, contact me through the website, or tweet me !