Publication success! In French, though

I've published my first book with Editions Edilivre !

It's a speculative fiction story I wrote about four years ago, and the last novel I wrote in French. I had stopped submitting my French work to publishing houses but decided to submit to Edilivre in the offchance it would be considered. I'm glad I did.

​Edilivre is not a traditional publishing house, but not a vanity press nor a self-publishing firm either. It's somewhere in between, meaning my book will be formatted, published and distributed (as an ebook and print-on-demand) with no financial contribution on my part whatsoever but (yes, unfortunately there is a but) they will not promote in any way or form; that's up to me. They offer to do all the marketing for a price, but I'm not willing to pay anything so this means the book will probably not sell well. This book isn't in my list of priorities at the moment, though, so it suits me as it is.

The novel is one of those stories that can't be neatly categorised in science-fiction or fantasy. It's set in a different solar system and the world is set on three planets. There is space travel, but using flying creatures native to this world, so no technology involved. In fact, if we put the planets aside, it's purely fantasy (low fantasy in a historical setting).

If you read French, or if you want to work on your French (my writing is quite simple), check out the book on Edilivre or