Published Short Stories

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The Thracian's Spark

Published in eFiction India's January 2015 issue

In this short story, I speculate that one of the reasons which might have pushed Spartacus to lead the epic slave revolution against the Roman Republic was the cruelty and inhumane treatment of gladiators by Roman citizens.
The Murder of the Republic

Published in The Copperfield Review's Winter 2015 Edition

This flash fiction piece plunges the reader back into ancient Rome's most tragic and important moment in history: the murder of Julius Caesar.
A Zebra in Piccadilly Circus

Published in eFiction India's February 2015 issue

The most unlikely bystander witnesses one of the most tragic assassinations of the twentieth century.

Published in The Scarlet Leaf Review

My first medieval fantasy short story, where a slave girl stumbles upon the most precious - and dangerous - stone in the Three Kingdoms. Set in the world of the fantasy novel I'm currently working on.
The Phone Call

Published in The Scarlet Leaf Review (under a pen name)

A contemporary fiction story. A father receives a phone call that is every father's nightmare.
Please Bow Before Her Majesty the Pound Sterling

Published in eFiction India's June 2016 issue

What would you do if you were broke, about to be evicted from your flat, and had an opportunity to steal at work? Rupert is a morally good person forced to contemplate committing a crime.
This is a social experiment that came to me as I was reading Crime & Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky.